Monday, February 12, 2007

Power Plate Helps Patients With Specific Ailments

Power Plate Helps Patients With Specific Ailments

POSTED: 7:44 am EST February 12, 2007

INDIANAPOLIS -- Madonna and P-Diddy swear by an innovative training technique that is now shaking up Indianapolis.
It might sound too good to be true, but standing on the Power Plate three times a week for 10 minutes can vibrate a person into better shape. But, there's much more to all the shaking.

Terry Stark's cane is her constant companion. She depends on it to deal with multiple sclerosis, but she never expected the excruciating back pain it would bring.

"I was leaning way over and using all these muscles on this side of my body too much," Stark said.

Nothing eased the misery until her aunt recommended she step up to the Power Plate.

Three times a week, Stark steps onto a platform to shimmy and shake for a few seconds. Something she thought was just shaking has helped the pain subside.

"She's using that for her lactic acid problems that cause her soreness. For her, this technique is very effective," said Steve Hoffacker, of Hoffacker Health and Fitness.

Hoffacker said that for every bumpy ride, Stark's muscles must adjust and support the vibrations in something called accelerated training.

"It accelerates blood flow. It accelerates bone density. It accelerates metabolism. It accelerates skin density. It accelerates muscle fatigue," Hoffacker said.

Stark incorporated the Power Plate into her workout regimen four months ago. Now, she takes few pain medications and is strong enough to lift herself out of a chair without help.

"I used to walk like a robot. Now, it's like I'm being remodeled back into a person," Stark said.

Power Plate has been used by astronauts for 40 years. It can help those with osteoporosis, joint pain, obesity and cellulite.
For more information on the Power Plate, which was featured on 6News on Feb. 9, contact Steven Hoffacker at Hoffacker Health and Fitness -- 317-849-4130.

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