Friday, April 13, 2007

Ex-employer ordered to pay disabled worker

Symptoms worse.

Canadian Press
Published: Friday, April 13, 2007

The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal has ordered Violetta Industries of Burnaby to pay a former employee almost $19,000 in compensation for refusing to accommodate his illness.

Dennis Chong has multiple sclerosis and was working a shift starting at 6 a.m. that allowed him to compensate for his chronic fatigue.

Four months after Chong started working for Violetta, his boss, Douglas Sommerville, found out Chong had MS.

Chong told a tribunal hearing Sommerville then changed his hours, turned down his request for paid leave and wouldn't accommodate his disability.

Tribunal member Barbara Junker ordered Violetta and Sommerville to pay Chong more than $11,000 in lost wages and $7,500 for injury to his dignity, feelings and self-respect.

Junker ruled that Sommerville's absolute refusal to accommodate Chong's illness caused Chong more stress and made his MS

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