Thursday, March 22, 2007

Medistem Laboratories Announces Tolerostem(TM) Platform as Second Pipeline Product for Potential U.S. Commercialization

Product Aims to Reprogram Immune System, Providing New Therapy for Autoimmune Diseases and Transplant Rejection

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 21, 2007 -- Medistem Laboratories, Inc. (OTCBB: MDSM) (FRANKFURT: S2U) announced today its second pipeline candidate, Tolerostem™, a cellular therapy platform aimed at controlling harmful immunological responses through the use of adult stem cells undergoing a proprietary modification.

If approved for human use, the Tolerostem™ platform could make a significant contribution in the treatment of multiple autoimmune diseases ranging from rheumatoid arthritis, to multiple sclerosis, to Type I diabetes. Additionally, Tolerostem™ offers the possibility of "tricking" the immune system of transplant recipients, so as to prevent the need for chronic immune suppression, which has been shown to cause significant adverse effects.

The Tolerostem™ platform is based on the fundamental concept that the regulatory T cell, a type of anti-inflammatory cell in the immune system is activated by stem cells of specific lineages. Regulatory T cells subsequently home to areas of pathological inflammation and "teach" the inflammatory cells to stop attacking the host's tissue. If successful, Tolerostem™ opens the door to a therapeutic approach whereby the body regulates itself without the need for other types of medical intervention.

"Proof-of-principle that stem cells are capable of controlling harmful immune responses is being demonstrated by companies such as Osiris Therapeutics who are in Phase III clinical trials" said Neil Riordan Ph.D, President and CEO of Medistem. "Our Tolerostem™ platform leverages these prior successes with the aim of introducing a simple, patient-specific solution that could be widely commercialized."

Thomas Ichim, Medistem's Chief of Scientific Development, added, "While circumstantial evidence of stem cell mediated immune modulation has been suspected for some time, we believe based on clinical data from our licensees, that we have identified a completely novel use for manipulated stem cells. This application is covered directly and indirectly in several Medistem patent applications."

Currently Medistem is in discussions with immunology laboratories for performing preclinical safety and efficacy experiments to hopefully enable Investigational New Drug (IND) filing with the FDA in the last quarter of 2007. If accepted by the FDA, the company will then work towards initiating U.S. clinical trials.

About Medistem Laboratories, Inc.

Medistem Laboratories ( is an innovative biotechnology company committed to the creation and commercialization of advanced medical therapies based on non-controversial adult stem cells. Medistem's corporate mission is to transform these stem cells into valuable medical treatments. The Company's business strategy calls for the licensing of a series of clinics and laboratories around the world to deliver unprecedented, next-generation cell therapies to help millions of patients while seeking to commercialize products in the U.S. market. Clinic treatments use proprietary technology and cells sourced from umbilical cords, fat, bone marrow, and muscle for the treatment of cerebral palsy, stroke, cardiovascular disease and orthopedic diseases. Medistem believes it may hold a substantial competitive edge in the worldwide emerging market for stem cell-sourced medical solutions, positioning it to become a leading global provider of stem cell treatments on a fee-for-service basis, while accumulating intellectual property based on clinical and laboratory findings.

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