Friday, December 22, 2006

New Options for Treating Neurological Disease: Stem Cell Therapy

Decision Resources, Inc., Dec 2006, Pages: 25

Stem cell therapy development is challenged by controversy, intellectual property issues, and a high failure rate. Despite these challenges, stem cell therapy presents some of the most promising options for hard-to-treat and highly degenerative neurological diseases.

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Stem cell therapy holds vast potential for treating degeneration or injury in areas of the body that are incapable of autonomous healing, such as the central nervous system (CNS). How can stem cells boost healing in the CNS? What are the limitations of these therapies in the CNS? What scientific and regulatory roadblocks exist for developing stem cell therapies for the CNS?

Several manufacturers are investigating stem cell therapies to treat neurological disease. What are the different approaches for developing these therapies? What value do different stem cell therapies offer, and what challenges do they face? How might these agents impact the different disease markets?

Stem cell therapies may represent the first true disease-modifying therapies for multiple neurological diseases, but their success will depend on many factors, including ethics, clinical trial design, and safety concerns. How are ethics affecting stem cell design? What can we expect from future stem cell clinical trials? Which stem cell therapies are likely to offer the best safety profiles?

Stem cell introduction: stages of stem cell differentiation, comparison of stem cell types, history of stem cell development.
Value of stem cells for neurological diseases: benefi ts and limitations of stem cells and their therapeutic value for multiple neurological indications, including Alzheimers disease and Parkinsons disease.
Emerging stem cell therapies for neurological uses: discussion of multiple companies initiatives into developing neurological stem cell therapies.

Outlook: hurdles for stem cell therapy development, discussion of which stem cell therapies are more likely to succeed.

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